About Us

Erlanger Behavioral Health Hospital is a 96-bed treatment center in Chattanooga, TN. Our programming includes a full continuum of personalized services for adults and seniors. At Erlanger, we’re committed to meeting the unique needs of each person who is entrusted into our care.

Age-Appropriate Programming

In order to provide the most beneficial treatment experience, all care at Erlanger is customized according to the age and experiences of our patients.

Adults who heal at Erlanger follow personalized treatment plans that reflect their current struggles, treatment histories, and both short- and long-term goals. Services at the adult level include medication management (if necessary), individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy (if desired and clinically appropriate). Adults are encouraged and expected to play an active role in their treatment, advocate on their own behalf, and take ownership of their recovery.

For older adults, our services address grief and loss, adjustment concerns, mood or behavioral disturbances related to dementia, age-related cognitive impairments, and other challenges that are more common among individuals ages 65 and above. Treatment for older adults is provided by professionals who have training and experience working with members of this population. These dedicated men and women also take great care to ensure that the treatment environment remains a place of dignity and respect for all who heal at Erlanger.

Levels of Care

Depending upon your specific needs, your experience at Erlanger may involve treatment at one or more of the following levels:

Inpatient:  Inpatient treatment is our most intensive level of care. While you’re healing at the inpatient level, you’ll benefit from round-the-clock supervision provided by teams of experienced professionals. You’ll also have the opportunity to take part in a variety of therapeutic activities, each of which will be customized to best suit your needs. Inpatient care allows you to step away from the stresses and distractions of everyday life and focus completely on getting the help you need.

Intensive outpatient program (IOP): As with PHP, our intensive outpatient program can be a source of step-down support following your completion of our inpatient program. You can also transition into IOP after completing PHP, or you may enter care directly at the IOP level. Treatment at the IOP level consists of three hours of therapy per day, with most participants attending three sessions per week. IOP provides you with the flexibility to work, attend school, or engage in other productive pursuits while still receiving structured support on a regular basis.

Treatment Teams

Regardless of your age or level of care, your time at Erlanger Behavioral Health will involve close collaboration with a team of experienced and compassionate professionals. Each member of your treatment team will bring a specific expertise to your care, and all will bring a dedication to superior service and support.

Treatment at Erlanger is not a passive experience. Throughout your time with us, you’ll be encouraged to play an active role in your treatment, to the greatest degree that you are capable. The members of your treatment team will work closely with you to identify and address the obstacles that have been preventing you from living a healthier and more satisfying life. They’ll provide you with the services that will alleviate or help you to manage your symptoms, and will empower you to make the changes that will support a brighter tomorrow.

The day you start treatment at Erlanger, you join a vibrant healing community that is dedicated to helping you achieve to your greatest potential.

Marks of Quality Care
  • The Joint Commission (JCAHO) Gold Seal of Approval